Remodeling your bathroom or kitchen is an exciting endeavor, and at Dial One L. V. Lewis Plumbing, LLC, we want to make sure every step of the process is a seamless and enjoyable experience for you. With over 35 years of plumbing expertise, our trusted team is here to handle all your plumbing installation needs, ensuring that your new bathroom or kitchen functions flawlessly from day one.

Our Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Services

At Dial One Plumbing, our comprehensive plumbing installation services cover every aspect of your bathroom and kitchen remodel:


We ensure your new toilets are installed correctly, functioning efficiently, and free from any leaks or issues.


From bathroom sink faucets to kitchen faucets, our expert team ensures proper installation and smooth operation.


Whether you’re upgrading your showerheads or installing a new shower, we make sure you enjoy a relaxing and refreshing experience.


Our licensed technicians expertly handle the installation of various fixtures, ensuring they are securely set in place and aligned perfectly with your remodel vision.

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Don’t let plumbing challenges hinder your bathroom or kitchen remodel dreams. Contact Dial One L. V. Lewis Plumbing, LLC, today to schedule an appointment and experience exceptional plumbing installation work. To book an appointment, call (502) 231-0490. Discover the joy of a beautifully remodeled bathroom or kitchen, equipped with expertly installed plumbing by our skilled team. We look forward to transforming your space into a haven of comfort and style!



We had a leaking kitchen faucet and reached out on Yelp on a Sunday. Richard answered quickly and understandably was booked up a couple days but it won't be urgent so we scheduled it for Wednesday. He called in advance to confirm, arrived on time and had the sink totally fixed in less than an hour. Great price, cleaned up the area and we definitely took his number for any future plumbing needs. Highly recommend it.

Amy H.

I needed a new water heater, and Dial One did the job quickly and painlessly. Everyone I spoke to at this company was very friendly and knowledgeable, and it didn't take very long to get an appointment with them. The plumbers arrived exactly when they were supposed to, worked the whole time, and even did a few other minor tasks for me while they were there. Hopefully I won't have to call them much, but when I do need a plumber I'll definitely stick with this one.

Caity C.

I contacted Dial One two weeks ago and they were very responsive to my inquiry. Their technician came out and was able to assess my issue and we scheduled the fix for the following Monday. The same technician that came to both appointments was very nice and professional. Although he had to work alone, he got the job done in a timely manner. They did not try to upsell me for any services and the price was very reasonable. I had a copper pipe behind my dishwasher that was corroded (he showed me the pipe as well) that was leaking into my basement. He was able to replace the corroded pipe and also replaced another copper pipe to avoid further issues in the future. The estimate I received was a mere $2 less than what I was actually billed. All fixed and leak free for less than $500. I would definitely recommend this company to friends, as my mother recommended them to me.

Sarah B.

Bathtub hot water faucet was getting impossible to turn on and off. A plumber told me a few years ago that I would need to tear out the tile behind it to replace it and then retile. It would cost me $$$$. I finally decided it needed replacing and a friend told me to call Dial One Plumbing. Richard from Dial One came out last week to look at it and give me an estimate. Tearing out the tile, of course, was an option but he said all I really needed was to replace the central brass valves and parts and the spout. The stems, he said, would last much longer. Long story short, Zach came this morning, replaced the parts in about an hour and my bill was $195 less a veteran’s discount of $20, so total cost for parts and labor was only $175. They could have charged me a lot more and I wouldn’t have known the difference. This is my go-to plumbing company from now on.

Marian Amin Upton
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