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About Us

Welcome to Dial One Plumbing in Louisville, KY!

Established in 1982, Dial One Plumbing has been proudly serving the Louisville community with top-notch plumbing services for over four decades. With a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, we specialize in everything related to plumbing – from service and installation to repair.

Transform Your Home with Bathroom and Kitchen Remodel Plumbing Services with Expert Plumbers in Jeffersontown, KY

Are you ready to breathe new life into your home? The key to a successful bathroom or kitchen remodel lies not just in aesthetics but in the careful integration of plumbing services. At Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing, our team in Jeffersontown, KY, brings a blend of expertise and creativity to make your remodel dreams a reality.

Seamless Remodel Plumbing Integration

Remodeling is about more than just upgrading fixtures; it’s an opportunity to enhance functionality, improve efficiency, and tailor your space to your lifestyle. Here’s how our plumbers in Jeffersontown, KY, can elevate your remodel project.

At Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing, we’re all about making sure every bit of your bathroom not only looks good but works like a charm too. From fixing the basics to adding a touch of luxury, our plumbers in Jeffersontown, KY, are here to make your dream bathroom a reality.

Functional Fixture Upgrades

When it comes to faucets and toilets, we’ve got you covered. We’ll help you pick fixtures that not only look stylish but also save water and do their job right. Because your bathroom should be as efficient as it is good-looking.

Optimized Pipe Layouts

The stuff you don’t see matters just as much. Our plumbers make sure the pipes are laid out smartly, so you don’t have to worry about leaks or water not going where it should. We’re all about keeping things running smoothly behind the scenes.

Luxury Additions

Want your bathroom to feel like a spa? We’re on it. From installing rain showers to whirlpool tubs and even heated floors, we’ll turn your bathroom into a sanctuary. Because you deserve a bit of luxury in your own home.

Safety and Accessibility

If safety is your priority, it’s ours too. We can set up grab bars, walk-in tubs, and non-slip flooring to make sure your bathroom is not just stylish but safe too. Your peace of mind is important to us.

Smart Technology Integration

Ever thought about a smart bathroom? We can make it happen. From touchless faucets to showers you can program, our plumbers can add a bit of tech to your bathroom, making life a tad easier and a lot cooler.

Customized Vanity Solutions

Your bathroom vanity is like the center stage. We can customize it for you, from special sink designs to storage that fits just right. Because your vanity should suit your needs and your style.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Let’s light it up efficiently. We can install energy-saving lights in your bathroom, making it look good and saving you a bit on the bills. A bright idea, don’t you think?

Underfloor Heating Systems

Cold floors, be gone! With underfloor heating, your bathroom will be warm and cozy. It’s like a hug for your feet on those chilly mornings.

Transforming your bathroom is more than just a job for us – it’s our passion. Give Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing a call, and let’s make your dream bathroom a reality.

Designing Your Ideal Kitchen

  • Modern Fixture Installations:We help you choose and install modern kitchen fixtures, from sleek faucets to innovative sink designs, blending aesthetics with functionality.
  • Efficient Appliance Integration:Upgrading your kitchen appliances? Our expert plumbers ensure seamless installation, connecting everything from dishwashers to refrigerators with ice makers.
  • Strategic Sink Placement:The placement of your kitchen sink is crucial. We collaborate with you to find the optimal location, ensuring efficient workflow and a visually pleasing kitchen.
  • Water Filtration Solutions:Elevate your kitchen with a water filtration system for clean and pure drinking water. Our plumbers seamlessly integrate these systems into your remodel project.

Remodel Experience with Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing

Your remodel journey is a partnership, and Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing is here to make it a seamless and enjoyable experience. Beyond the pipes and fixtures, our team brings a personal touch, prioritizing your vision and comfort throughout the process.

Whether you’re envisioning a spa-like bathroom or a modern, efficient kitchen, our plumbers in Jeffersontown, KY, have the expertise to bring your ideas to life. Contact Dial One L.V. Lewis Plumbing today, and let’s transform your home together. Your dream space awaits!

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